International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship

Le 10/03/2022 à 10h27

Program Profile

This program is committed to training local Chinese language teachers, reserve teachers, top Chinese language professionals, etc. This scholarship funds two kinds of activities: degree program and short-term study in China. This program contributes to building an international talent pool for Chinese language teachers by helping outstanding young people to study in China.

For online application, please visit:

  • Scholarship for Degree Programs
The programs offer scholarship for foreign learners with fairly advanced Chinese proficiency, young people aspiring to become Chinese language teachers, and in-service Chinese language teachers to pursue bachelor's degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL) or related disciplines and master's or doctoral degree in TCSOL in China.

  • Scholarship for Short-term Study in China
The programs provide scholarship for in-service Chinese teachers and Chinese learners studying TCSOL and related majors in China, with terms of four weeks, one semester or one academic year.

  • Contact Information
Tel: +86-10-58595743 Email:


2022年国际中文教师奖学金申请系统 于3月1日开放,



Q1 什么人可以申请奖学金?

Q2 奖学金都有哪些类别?

Q3 奖学金有哪些资助内容?

Q4 我想申请中文师资类项目,申请条件是什么?

Q5 我想申请联合培养项目,申请条件是什么?

Q6 我想申请奖学金线上项目,申请条件是什么?

Q7 具体申请步骤是怎样的?

Q8 我必须在什么时间点前完成申请?

Q9 我是在职中文教师或“汉语桥”比赛获奖者,要如何申请奖学金呢?

Q10 我还有哪些问题需要注意?

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